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Small Business Insurance

SMB Insurance Pros is one of the leading insurance providers of small business insurance in Florida. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and, therefore, customize the insurance policy as per the nature of your business and your requirements. We understand and help you protect against the potential risks of your industry.

Florida Small Business Insurance Coverage

Small business insurance is essential for small business owners in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. You have to protect your business against any potential claims. To get maximum coverage, a small business owner needs different types of insurance. SMB Insurance Pros offers a policy with essential coverages, including:

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It isn’t difficult to obtain a quote for commercial auto insurance. Our team of skilled professionals and specialists assist you in every step and take care of everything. We help you understand what kind of commercial vehicle insurance is right for you and create a customized package as per your requirements.

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Small business insurance in Florida does not have to be hard to obtain. Let Small Business Insurance Pros take the difficulty out of selecting the right policy for your business. After speaking with you about your specific needs, we tailor a policy that will protect you at the right cost. We will make sure to evaluate and advise you on all your potential risks and claims against your business before you make your final decision. We know that minimizing risk while keeping premiums affordable is what the small business needs from their insurance company. We are here for you. Don’t wait another minute and call today for your free consultation.


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Troy Greenway Insurance is exactly what our business has been lacking. I highly endorse them. They really saved me time and effort.

Sarah Smith, Sacramento, CA

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