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Dentists, Chiropractors, and those in the medical industry cannot risk an insurance policy that is not tailored for your specific needs. Your hard work and expertise keep your practice busy, and quality insurance from Troy Greenway can help keep your practice protected. We provide those in the medical industry quality insurance that will help protect your practice.

We specialize in General Liability, Business Personal Property, Electronic Data, and Business Auto Insurance. We can provide quality insurance with the experience and integrity that is the right fit for your practice. Call us today for the solution to your coverage needs.

Medical Insurance

Why do you need Medical Insurance?

Just as your patients need medical insurance to take care of any curveball life throws them, your practice needs to be covered in the event that something unexpected is thrown your way. Sometimes things do not go as planned. Core medical business insurance coverage can protect your practice lawsuits, property theft, and interruptions to your business that will slow you down or unexpectantly shut down your practice. Our advice is to make sure you are covered just in case. Troy Greenway Insurance will be there with the coverage you need.

• Protecting your practice and stability is our #1 priority.

• You need a medical business insurance company with the experience, integrity, and dedication to your specific needs.

• With over 20 years experience in the insurance and financial industries, you can rest assured that your business is on a solid foundation.

Medical Business Insurance to fit your strategy.

We have the experience to make sure your practice is covered with the right insurance plan. In the medical industry, there is no one size fits all plan. We take into consideration each practice and specific need to understand your risks, developing an insurance plan to fit your needs.

• General Liability Insurance – This type of coverage will protect you from injury claims that may arise when patients are on your premises. Coverage to protect you against things like slip and falls.

• Business Auto Insurance – Commercial and business auto policies are needed to cover vehicle and personal injuries when accidents occur related to work.

• Business Personal Property – Affordable protection for computers, monitors, equipment and TV’s that may have been damaged or stolen in an incident.

• Accounts Receivable Protection – Cover the cost of collecting payments and re-establishing records in case of loss or damage.

• Data Compromise – Providing you case management, legal support, and credit monitoring in case there is a breach in your data files resulting in theft or loss.

Medical Business Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

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