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It’s important that you offer your clients sound legal advice. Attorneys and those in the legal industry have built their reputation on navigating complex situations and scenarios in which one wrong move can be crucial error. Troy Greenway Insurance specializes in legal insurance, providing attorneys and those in the legal industry with insurance plans that fit their business needs. We allow you to serve your clients while staying protected and having the coverage you need to protect your practice. Call us for a free assessment and legal industry insurance quote today!

Legal Industry Insurance

Why do you need Legal Industry Insurance?

Attorneys and those in the legal industry face many crucial decisions daily. Everything does not always go as planned and it is important to protect your practice with property, liability, and auto coverage from Troy Greenway Insurance. A break in at your office, a wrongful termination lawsuit, or an auto accident by an employee can all result in loss and a negative impact on your business. Make sure you are protected for the day that you may experience one of these unfortunate incidents. With an insurance policy especially tailored for the Legal Industry, we will have you covered.

  • Protecting your practice is our #1 priority.
  • You need a legal industry specialist that is backed by experience, professionalism, and a dedication to your company.
  • With over 20 years experience in the insurance industry, you can rest assured that your practice is on a solid foundation.

Legal Industry Insurance to fit your practice

We have the experience to make sure you are covered with the right insurance plan. There is no one size fits all insurance plan. We take into consideration each unique practice along with your risks and requirements, then develop a customized insurance plan just for you. Some of our options include:

  • General Liability Insurance – This type of coverage will protect you from most claims that may arise at your office or premise. From an injury in the office to wrongful termination to data loss or theft, you will be covered.
  • Business Auto Insurance – Protecting your practice in case an employee gets into an auto accident during a work-related task. Also covers vehicle damage that may occur to company vehicles.
  • Damage to Property – Affordable protection for computers and documents may be damaged or destroyed. From an office break-in to water damage, many things can cause costly damage, we make sure you are protected.
  • Accounts Receivable Protection – We will cover you in the event that billing records are destroyed. This insurance can help in covering the cost of collecting payments and the cost of reestablishing accounts.
  • Business Inco – Insurance to cover any loss of income due to damage of your practice and the inability to operate.

Legal Industry Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

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