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SMB Insurance Pros is one of the fastest-growing insurance providers across the country. We are a trusted name for business owners because of the full range of commercial vehicle insurance products we offer. We are recognized for quality customer service and great rates.

The range of commercial vehicles we insure include:

  • Commercial-Auto-Insurance Passenger Vehicles - Used for completing business errands or transporting clients, employees, and other passengers. This includes cars, SUVs, light pickups, etc.
  • Commercial-Auto-Insurance Utility trucks and Cargo vans - Used by cleaning businesses, florists, and contractors for transporting tools and supplies.
  • Commercial-Auto-Insurance Food trucks - Used by caterers, restaurants, food truck owners, and ice cream vendors to run their foodservice businesses.
  • Commercial-Auto-InsuranceLarge trucks - Used by moving companies and large institutions for transporting heavy loads. This includes tractor-trailers and dump trucks.
  • Commercial-Auto-InsuranceTrailers - Used in commercial businesses. This includes large dump body trailers, pickup tractor utility trailers, etc. pulled by a tractor.
We provide 24/7 claim services. We have a vast network of repair service providers and ensure that you are secured in every situation.

Why do you need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you use a vehicle for completing errands related to a business, profession, or occupation (apart from commuting), you need a commercial policy. In general, you require a commercial vehicle insurance policy if you:

  • Transport goods or people using a vehicle in return for a fee
  • Complete a service using your vehicle
  • Require higher limits of liability because of the nature of your operations
  • Use the vehicle for employee transportation or the vehicle is registered in the name of an establishment or partnership
  • Pull or move a considerable weight of equipment in your vehicle for business operations

You must carefully discuss your business uses with a service professional to be able to obtain the right coverage. Many vehicle types and business uses are excluded from personal policies and you must be aware of the same.


What does Commercial Auto Insurance cover?

Business owners using a vehicle to conduct business may not have their vehicles covered by a personal auto insurance policy. You can enjoy peace of mind and avail proper coverage that keeps your business protected with our commercial auto insurance products. We provide packages and policies for different types of vehicles and different types of businesses.

A commercial vehicle insurance policy covers physical damage and liability coverages, just like your personal auto policy. The different types of coverages include:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Property damage liability coverage
  • Combined single limit
  • Medical payments, no-fault or Personal injury coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage
  • Collision coverage

A commercial vehicle insurance policy is used to cover cars, trucks, vans, large fleet vans, and other vehicles used in business operations. Some of the popular businesses that require this policy are plumbers, glass installers, dentists, florists, sign installers, restaurants, caterers, electricians, architects, carpenters, engineers, HVAC contractors, furniture delivery providers, moving companies, cleaning companies, and any other operators using automobiles for completing operations.

SMB Insurance Pros is one of the fastest-growing insurance providers across the country with services in California, Florida, and Nevada

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We are the best commercial vehicle insurance provider. As soon as you think of purchasing commercial vehicle insurance, you must contact us.


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