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Let SMB Insurance Pros handle your commercial auto insurance in San Jose California needs so you can focus 100% on your business.

We understand, being commercial auto insurance experts, the risks of running commercial vehicles. Regardless of how much you use preventive measures for trips on local deliveries, service or home calls, and promotions, you can never be completely free of accidents.

Our local San Jose SMB commercial auto insurance policies aim to prevent business losses that can occur due to an accident. We are a trusted name among business owners and will take care of all the losses that can occur due to legal issues, vehicle damages, injuries, and more. Here is the range of vehicles that we insure:

  • Commercial-Auto-Insurance Passenger Vehicles: - It is used for completing business operations or for transporting employees, passengers, and clients. Vehicles like light pickups, cars, SUVs, etc. fall in this category.
  • Commercial-Auto-Insurance Food trucks: - The businesses use it for offering food services like catering, selling ice creams, transporting foods to restaurants, etc.
  • Commercial-Auto-InsuranceLarge trucks: - Corporations use these vehicles for transporting heavy loads. Some vehicles that fall in this category are dump trucks and tractor-trailers.
  • Commercial-Auto-InsuranceTrailers: - Trailers are usually for commercial businesses. The vehicles like dump body trailers, pickup tractor utility trailers are pulled by a tractor.
  • Commercial-Auto-Insurance Utility Trucks and Cargo vans: - Florists, contractors, and cleaning companies use these vehicles for moving tools and supplies.

SMB Commercial Auto Insurance San Jose has all your risks covered

The personal auto insurance does not cover the vehicles that business owners use for their companies. SMB Auto Insurance provides proper coverage and customized plans for your peace of mind with its commercial auto insurance products. You have an option to select the best programs and policies, as per the nature of your business.

Like a personal auto policy, commercial auto insurance covers your business vehicles’ physical damage and liability. Some of the coverages that are included by our products are:

  • Collision coverage
  • Body Injury and liability coverage
  • Combined Single Limit
  • Uninsured driver coverage
  • Property damage loss coverage
  • Personal Injury, no-fault, and medical costs coverage
  • Full Physical Damage Coverage

Does your business need our commercial auto insurance products?

If your business uses any type of vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles, you NEED to keep all of those commercial vehicles safe. Some popular kinds of businesses that use our commercial auto insurance products are dentists, florists, plumbers, glass installers, electricians, carpenters, engineers, moving companies, furniture delivery companies, etc.

Can you trust our representatives in San Jose, California?

SMB Insurance Pros has a staff of highly skilled agents with many years experience ready to help your business find the right policy at the right price. Our agents set our company apart from he other commercial auto insurance companies in San Jose California. We only hire people that have our clients’ business as the top priority. Our training keeps these agents informed on the latest and best policies available in the marketplace.

We have a client base from different parts of the United States like Nevada, Florida, and California. Our services are:

  • Time-Saving: We offer services throughout 365 days a year. Our representatives will make sure that your repairs and claims are covered without wasting much of your time.
  • Money-Saving: Our company provides various range of services that will fit your needs and services.

High-Quality: The services that we provide are superb and reliable. You will have all the necessary information upfront without any hidden cost.

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