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SMB Insurance Pros was established with the vision to help business owners lower the costs on all forms of insurance and benefit programs. We cater to businesses from various industries with the right kind of insurance policies and coverage. We have served clients for over 20 years and understand that each business is unique and requires an insurance plan that fits those needs. SMB Insurance Pros are here to help navigate you through the murky waters of insurance. We provide everyone with a FREE commercial business insurance assessment and quote.

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Our agents will help you find the best coverage you need for your business.

The insurance industry is complicated and understanding what you need between these twists and turns can get challenging. Every policy comes with a list of covered and uncovered aspects of your business. Most often, you realize the importance of the uncovered aspects when you are filing claims and trying to recover your losses.

Our agents spend sufficient time understanding exactly how your business insurance works. We work on the requirements of your business and industry keeping in mind your operations and security. We bring to you the best programs as per your business, at the most competitive prices.

We share with you the best way to get Small Business Insurance coverage – THE RIGHT WAY. Small businesses require three types of liability coverage – General Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Product/Professional Liability Insurance. We tell you everything you need to lower your insurance cost.

SMB Insurance Pros evaluates the insurance requirements by state, industry, nature, and size of the business. Get a tailored quote with the right coverage today.

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